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Welcome to the Florida traffic ticket payment portal at, an online citation payment website that serves as a central hub for paying traffic tickets across the state.


Pay FL Clerks, or PayFLClerk, is an online website that redirects you to the specific county citation payment website. Anyone can pay for Florida traffic tickets online at

Login to seven to ten days after getting the ticket. Use the Florida ticket lookup tool and pay your parking, speeding or other citations online.

Even when you are guilty of the violation, you don’t have to go to any county clerk’s office. The portal helps you pay fines online in any county throughout the state. You can pay the fines by logging onto the website on your mobile phone or PC.

There are four options to choose from once you receive a traffic ticket in Florida.

  1. Guilty of violation and pay the fine online at before the due date.
  2. Guilty of violation, choose to elect the defensive driving course and pay the fine.
  3. Plead not Guilty and appear in court.
  4. Plea of nolo contendere.

Steps to Pay Florida Traffic Citation Online

  • Visit the official login portal of payFLclerk at
  • Select the county where you received the ticket. ( The county name is at your ticket’s top left.)
  • Enter the citation number or case number to search for your record (Your citation number is at the top right of your ticket.)
  • Please re-check and confirm the citation details, such as your name, ticket date, and citation number.
  • Click on “Pay online” after confirming the details.
  • Select the desired payment option and complete the online fine payment.
  • Receive the traffic fine payment confirmation receipt for future purposes.
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What to Do If You Get a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

Once you get a traffic citation in Florida, the first thing to remember is that there is a deadline to act on it.

Pay your fine on time or contest your ticket in court to avoid paying a penalty or having your license suspended.

Pay The Ticket Fine

The first option is to pay the fine at within 30 days and receive points.

There are other ways to pay traffic tickets in Florida, such as by mail, directly in person at the county clerk’s office, or online by visiting the county’s website. To pay the traffic fine, log in to


When you visit the website, you can elect or decline traffic school. This defensive driving course is completely online.

Pay the fine and elect for a traffic school If you are eligible, you will have to pay for a 4-hour course and a certificate fee.

This choice doesn’t work for violations of tags, registration, driver’s license, or PIP insurance.

To pay the fine offline, you must submit an affidavit form and file it at the clerk’s county office along with the payment of your ticket. 

This process will grant you 30–60 days to attend the school.

Once you complete a State of Florida-approved defensive driving course and submit the certificate at the clerk’s office, the violation you were charged with will be entered in “adjudication withheld.”. Which means no points will be added against the driver’s license.

This option of attending a defensive driving school can be used five times in a lifetime and for one traffic violation in 12 months.

FIGHT THE TICKET: Plea of not guilty

You can fight for your ticket by requesting a court hearing and pleading not guilty.

Within six to eight weeks of your request, you will get notice at the address on the citation of your hearing date, time, and place.

You can fight the ticket on your own or hire an attorney.


Pleading nolo refers to you not pleading guilty or guilty of the citation but accepting the charges and choosing to pay the ticket, not admitting the offense.

Although it is a “no contest” plea, it is treated like a guilty plea.

This option is chosen when you are not guilty of the ticket charged but cannot provide a strong defense proving the same. Features

  • You can pay your traffic citations online, avoiding visiting the courthouse.
  • Make a safe payment using your debit or credit card.
  • Enroll in a traffic school with the click of a button.
  • Get quick help finding a traffic school using our widget in the sidebar.
  • Get a confirmation that your payment went through.

PayFLClerk Contact Information

Here is a list of a few Florida counties with the contact number and the official website to reach the county site directly. 

County NameContact NumberOfficial Website
Miami-Dade County(305)
Broward County(954)
Palm Beach County(561)
Hillsborough County(813)
Orange County(407)
Pinellas County(727)
Duval County(904)
Lee County(239)
Polk County(863)
Brevard County(321)
Volusia County(386)
Pasco County(352)
Seminole County(407)
Sarasota County(941)
Manatee County(941)
Florida County Clerk Office Contact Details

For any other queries, contact the Florida County Clerk’s Office or leave your comments below. We will try to answer your queries.

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